Raliegh NC

Wow, we made it to Raleigh!. The weather was fine until we hit NC around Winston Salem, then we knew we were in a hurricane! The winds weren’t that bad, but the rain was torrential. I kept expecting to see the road closed ahead, but we were lucky and made it all the way to our hotel in Raleigh. I understand that I40 is closed just south of here, hope they have it open later in the day. We’re not sure yet if the roads are passable to Topsail, or even if our hotel on Topsail is open. Will call later and find out.

In the meantime, here is a blurry pic of dinner last night.


We ate at a pretty nice place near our hotel called Page Road Grill, which advertised itself as Southern cuisine with an international flair. I had a delicious smoked brisket with sweet potato hash, grilled broccoli, barbeque demi and mustard sauce. I’m sure there was sugar in the sauce, but the sweet potatoes had no added sugar (why do people sweeten already sweet things? I don’t get it), so I think I did well. David had shrimp and grits – I tasted them and they were heavenly.  I also had a half glass of cabernet, couldn’t drink the whole thing. 


Topsail island pier yesterday


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