Austin Week 1

austin 1.png

I’ve been in Austin, Texas, for one week now, bailing my company out of a tight spot. Will be here for two more weeks. Here are some of the things I’ve seen and done this week.


Great BBQ, fun place! I ate there twice this week, it was so good I couldn’t get enough. The sides are not exactly low carb friendly, but I had the cole slaw and the spicy beans. Delicioso!


Cool place, nothing like this in Ohio!


“Extra moist” brisket = extra fat. Yum!


Dogs on pickiups. Oh yeah, I’m in Texas now!

Brushy Creek Lake Park

One of 6 (I think) parks linked by the Brushy Creek Regional Trail. Very pretty easy walk. There is also an overgrown labyrinth at the end of a creepy little side path. I tried walking it, but got the heebie jeebies and hurried back to the main path.

Great Hills Park

A park with slightly less than 2 miles of trails in a very nice neighborhood. Very popular with residents of the neighborhood.

Most interesting to me were the bat houses. Apparently, Austin is famous for their bats. Who knew?

Most disturbing to me were the thousands of opportunities to break or roll an ankle. I’ve never seen such rocky paths!


…. and finally, a random bull (or is it a cow) in front of a sports medicine clinic that caught my eye….


As Austinians are fond of saying, “Keep Austin weird!”


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