Weekly Roundup



The plan is to post all my meals for the past week every Saturday. Knowing me, however, it’s more likely that I’ll actually get around to posting it on Sunday, and there are bound to be gaps, but I’ll give it a shot. Since I’ve just started today, this week’s roundup will be a short one.


Lunch – 3 eggs cooked in butter, 1/2 avocado, a few splashes of Texas Pete’s (what I like about this meal is that it has sufficient fat from the egg yolk and avocado with a little bit of butter that clung to the eggs from cooking. I did not add any additional fat. The idea is that I want my body to use it’s own fat for fuel as much as possible. The trick, I think, is not to be afraid of using fat, but not to add too much.)

Dinner – Burger patty with broccoli, green beans, butter. (This is a good dinner. Lots of veg, enough fat to make the veggies taste good, but low enough to give my body a chance to use its own fat.)

Snacks – 2 boiled eggs with butter. Kippered herring. Swiss cheese. (All on plan, although I was getting dangerously close to mindless eating/grazing. Why am I so hungry at night?)

Oh, almost forgot…. also 4 large cups of coffee with sweet n low and heavy cream.




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