Hello, my name is Marianne and I am a low carber. When I recently discovered that I am prediabetic I freaked out. Both my mother and grandmother died of complications from diabetes. My grandmother was blind and lost both legs. My mother also went blind, suffered from agonizing peripheral neuropathy, and finally dementia and heart failure. Naturally, I do not want to follow them down that road.

Over the years I’ve been on practically every diet imaginable. I’ve done Weight Watchers, Atkins, vegetarian, vegan, high starch, low fat, eat-every-two-hours, cabbage soup, bananas and hot dogs (yes, that was a thing!). I lost weight on all of them. But except for my brief foray into Atkins, I was constantly hungry on all of them. (My reason for quitting Atkins? People kept telling me how dangerous it was. If only I had listened to my body instead of well-meaning but ignorant loved ones!) Anyway, as time went by I progressed from high normal/low overweight to high overweight/borderline obese. Of course all of these failed attempts to lose weight only damaged my metabolism further. And the 30 lbs I gained when I quit smoking didn’t help matters either!

So I’ve turned at last to LCHF/Keto. I’m also interested in Intermittent Fasting. These seem to be the most powerful tools for reversing metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance. Which brings me to why I’m here. I want to use this blog as a place to chronicle my progress, to highlight new discoveries pertaining to low carb, and to link to informational and inspirational sites like dietdoctor.com and Dr Jason Fung’s Intensive Dietary Management blog. For anyone reading this who has had similar issues and experiences to mine, I invite you to join me in my low carb lifeboat!


My “before” pictures (actually, this is about 10 lbs below my heaviest) at about 170