Vacationing With a Hurricane Is No Fun


Whew, crazy week at work with typical work drama and trying to get ready for vacation. Of course, Hurricane Matthew is planning to visit the east coast at the same time I am. Is my vacation ruined? The current models for the storm show it missing North Carolina entirely. Fingers crossed!

Here’s our plan. We’re leaving tomorrow (Saturday) as planned. We have a reservation at a motel near the Raleigh-Durham airport for Saturday night and  plan to have a nice dinner in Durham. There are so many great restaurants in that city, not sure where we’ll end up.

Sunday we will play it by ear. The manager at our motel on Topsail says they’re staying open. So, if the roads are passable on Sunday, we’re going to the beach. It may be raining like mad, I don’t care. If I can get there, I’m going! If all goes well, we’ll have a lovely 5 days at Topsail, then we’ll head for Greensboro where we’ll spend the night near the greyhound adoption kennel and visit my old friends there (I used to work/volunteer at GFNC, long story for another post.)

OK, so what does all this have to do with my eating plan? Nothing! I still plan to have 1 meal a day, with an evening snack and a morning bulletproof coffee.

Oh, and by the way…. I’m another lb down!!!

Hurricane Matthew 1 hour ago!


Making Progress

It seems that at long last I may be nearing fat-adaptation! All week I’ve been super strict, avoiding all cheese, increasing my fat, limiting my protein, and fasting (1 meal only) every other day. One of the first things I’ve noticed is that I’m not hungry! I knew this was a common effect of the ketogenic diet, but as yet I hadn’t really experienced it fully. Today, however, I ate some chicken curry and drank a couple of bulletproof coffees for brunch at around 11 am. It’s now 7 pm and I’m still not hungry. I may just skip dinner tonight. This is great.

Unfortunately, I forgot to test my blood glucose upon waking today. I seem to be susceptible to the “dawn phenomenon” (elevated morning fasting BG). A few times it had been well into the pre-diabetic range. That doesn’t concern me too greatly, as long as my BG is good for the rest of the day. Here is my BG reading one hour after my brunch (it was a big bowl of curry with coconut cream, broccoli, cauliflower):


Pretty good, I think.

And here’s something that really made me smile:


Until yesterday, I hadn’t been able to get much above a ‘trace’ reading on the KetoStix.

Now, if I can only get the scale to budge a little. I haven’t lost anything in a couple of weeks…..

Countdown To The Coast



One week from today, I’ll be on the road with David, heading for one of my favorite places in the world – Topsail Island, North Carolina! Love going to the coast off-season… fewer people, cool weather perfect for marathon beach walks, cheaper lodging rates. This will be our first real vacation together in well over ten years, and I just can’t wait! Thanks, Ward and family for staying at our house to care for our menagerie. We couldn’t do it without you!

There’s only one fly in the sunscreen, so to speak: How on earth am I going to stay ketosis while on vacation??? We all know that everybody goes off their diet and gains weight on vacation, right? Well, I’m determined to be the exception to the rule. How? Here’s my plan…



Intermittent Fasting!!!

Yes, I’m planning to eat only one meal a day. OK, I’ll be honest, I don’t think that’s going to be possible. More realistically, I will probably have one meal and one snack. I have no problem skipping breakfast, and for the past few weeks I’ve also been skipping lunch a couple/three days a week as well. It’s been surprisingly easy now that I’m securely in keto. So that leaves a big, fat-heavy, nutrient-dense, moderate-protein dinner at a nice restaurant every night. Since restaurants normally serve too-large portions, I can box up some leftovers for a bedtime snack (or breakfast/lunch/snack the next day). I also plan to bring fixin’s for bulletproof coffee (pastured butter, coconut oil) for mornings when I might feel a little hungry. Will I be able to stick to this plan? We’ll soon find out!

To get us in the mood, here are a few pictures I took the last time I was there, about 3 and a half years ago. (BTW, I’m sad to say that in the picture of me below, I was about 10 lbs lighter than I am now. Sigh.)



Sunrise on the Beach


Bailey the Diva  Dobie and Me


Surf City Pier


Storm Coming



Storm Here!


Sunset On The Sound Side